Creating a new template

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Creating a new template is a similar process to editing an existing one. To get started creating a notebook template click on the "Create" link in the Notebook Templates section of the menu on the left hand side of the the list of templates. To create a sample template, click on the "Create Sample Template" link in the Inventory Templates section. You are taken to the following screen.

A new class

A new template

You need to enter a name for the new template on the left hand side and then start adding fields by clicking "Add Field" at the bottom right. When you have selected a field type and field name (and added any constraints required for the type) click the Save button to add the new field. It will then be displayed in the list of fields on the left hand side and you can carry on creating another new field.

Editing fields

Editing fields

If you are creating a sample template, you also have the option of uploading an image to represent the sample. This is required because samples live in sample containers and display this image as a visual indicator of what template types lives in what location in the sample container.

If you are creating a notebook template, a number of different options are available.

When you are finished save the new template by clicking the Save button.