Inventory Roles

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There are two roles available for accessing the inventory system in eCAT - inventory manager and inventory user.

An inventory manager has full control over the inventory system. They can create container templates, sample templates, containers and samples. They can also perform any editing action on any sample or container.

An inventory user is by default only allowed to create samples in pre-existing containers - they cannot create containers or container templates. Administrative users, however, can set a preference that allows inventory users to create their own containers.

In addition an inventory user cannot see or edit the aliquot or sample data from a sample that they do not own. Every sample has an owner, and inventory users can only access samples that they own themselves. Any user can transfer ownership of a sample that they currently own to any other user, as explained here. This is how inventory managers can allow inventory users access to certain samples - they change ownership of those samples to that user.

Note that Manager and Administation User roles have all the inventory power of Inventory Managers, as well as more control over the notebook aspects of eCAT.

Note also that as a normal eCAT user you cannot control your role - your administrator does that for you when your account is setup. You can view your current role by looking at the User Information section of the Preferences page.