Folder structure

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The Record Tree is a tree of folders containing your records. It is displayed in the same place as the main menu and the display can be toggled between the menu and the tree when you are viewing any record. This is done by clicking the tree button at the top of the menu, or the menu button at the top of tree. The former is shown below.

The tree toggle

The tree toggle

The Record Tree contains folders of all the records you have access to: your own records, and records of other users - individuals and groups - to which you have access. The Record Tree is dynamic; as you and others who have given you access create new folders and records they will automatically be added to the tree.

Top level folders

The Record Tree in a default instance contains folders of certain "standard" categories. This can be completely customized, so your own eCAT instance can vary from the standard.


This folder can contain anything, but is intended as a place to create Projects. You would then be expected to create other records underneath the Projects.

The Projects folder

The Projects folder

Other Data

Records of other kinds can be created under this folder. Typically this is used for groups to collect data that is not particular to an individual - each group has its own subfolder as shown on the right, where there is a folder for records of lab supplies.

The Other Data folder

The Other Data folder


Each user has their own folder, in which they can create records. You can give other users access to your folder (see the Sharing section for how to do this), and they can do the same for you. If you have permission to see other users' folders, then they will be shown under the Users folder.

The Users folder

The Users folder

User: Administrators can create additional folders in this top level of the Record Tree.

Admin: Because you have eCAT administrator privileges, you can create additional folders in this top level of the Record Tree. You are advised to think carefully about the best way to organize the top level for your group, much as you would for a file server - generally fewer folders at the top level is better

Browsing the Record Tree

The Record Tree normally looks different to different users - you are only shown those folders and records you have permission to view. Some users may have permission to view more folders - the Record Tree they see shows those additional folders. If you don't see a folder in the tree that another user has told you is there, the chances are that they have not given you view permission.

Unlike folder trees in other systems, e.g., Windows, eCAT does not distinguish between a folder and a record. Any record can have child records, and so everything is a folder in the tree.

When you view a record in the Record Tree, you will see several features at the top of the pane showing the record and a menu on the left offering options: