Customizing the menus

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The "Create New" menu on the Dashboard and record pages and the "Favorites" menu on the Dashboard can all be customized.

There are two levels of customization

To customize the create or favorites menus select the preferences tab at the top of the page. Then select the "Customize Menus" link located in the Preferences section of the left hand menu.

You will be presented with the following page:

Customizing the menus

Customizing the menus

This contains a list of all the templates currently used by eCAT. You may notice that some templates are missing - templates that have already been selected by an administrator will not be available to you.

To select or deselect multiple templates you will need to hold down the control key (ctrl) on your keyboard while selecting the template names with your mouse pointer. If you are doing this on an Apple computer then you will need to use the command key("cmd"). You can create an empty menu by deselecting all the highlighted templates in the control.

If you have modified any entries in the Favorites menu, there is a second stage to modifying the menus. Click the next button and you will be presented with the following table.

Customizing the menus

Customizing the menus

The table above contains the templates you selected for the Favorites menu in the previous page. Beside each entry is the name that will actually be displayed in the Favorites menu. So if you selected Document on the previous page, the name "My Documents" would be displayed in the favorites menu. It is these "friendly" names that are displayed here. You can modify these names to something more meaningful or correct. For example here we have corrected the plural spelling of Antibodys to Antibodies. To save your changes select the save button.

System Wide Customisation

If you are an adminstrator you will also find a Customise menus option in the administration menu.

The system wide customisation page is identical to the single user account customisation page. The only difference is that menu items selected here will affect every user's account not just your own.