eCAT on iPad and iPhone

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eCAT runs on iPads and iPhones which are up to date (IOS4). There are two major and a number of minor differences with the desktop version.

Major differences on the iPad/iPhone

  1. Two-finger scrolling. In desktop eCAT you'll be used to scrolling with the mouse. On the iPad you'll be used to using your finger to scroll, or to move the page around on the screen if you are zoomed in. But for some kinds of scrolling on the iPad you'll need to use two-finger scrolling. View this video to see how it is done.

    For example, if you have a lot of items on your dashboard, in desktop eCAT you click the scroll bar to see more of them. On the iPad or iPhone, you'll need to scroll with two fingers placed in the region you want to scroll. Other places you'll need to use this include when editing or viewing long records; when looking at Sample Summaries or Inventory reports; or when viewing any of the main eCAT tabs - Dashboard, Notebook, Inventory, etc.

  2. Text editing. In desktop eCAT you'll be used to rich text editing - making text bold, adding tables, inserting images, etc. In IOS4, Apple do not support rich text editing (however, we expect it to be supported in IOS5 due in October 2011). This means that on the iPad and iPhone you'll just see a simple text input field which you can type into, rather than the sophisticated editor controls that allow you to format your text, add links, etc. If the text field already has content in it that you entered on a desktop machine, then you'll see all the HTML code that specifies the formatting, links, etc, as in the image on the right below. Usually you just scroll to the bottom of that and add your text, but you can also insert text or edit text in the middle of the page if you want to. Just don't add or delete any of the tags <xxx> and </xxx>, unless you are a wizard with HTML!

    Rich text on Desktop PC Equivalent plain text on iPad/iPhone
    Create on Desktop PC Create on iPad/iPhone

Minor differences on the iPad/iPhone

If you notice any other differences, please let us know at support@researchspace.com, so we can update this page.