Getting files into eCAT

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You don't actually work directly with files in eCAT. You only work with records and then inside those records you make links to your files. These links can only come from "File Stores" which are the places where eCAT has been told that files actually live.

This topic explains how to copy files from your local computer into these file stores.

Uploading files to the eCAT file stores

Your administrator has not yet created any file stores that you have access to. Please contact your administrator to get them to create file stores and give you access to them.

Uploading documents, spreadsheets and images

Sometimes it's not going to be possible to get a file you need to work with in eCAT onto a file store so that you can access it in the way described above. In that case, if the file is a Word Document, Spreadsheet or another image file type that eCAT supports, you can import the file directly into eCAT. Click here to see how to do this for documents. There are similar topics for the other supported import file types.