Audit Trail

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Audit trails in eCAT

The eCAT system audit trail is viewable only by the eCAT Administrator. Contact that person if you need to see the system audit trail.

Each eCAT user has their own personal audit trail, accessible from the Preferences menu. This will show you the history of actions you have taken in eCAT.

Filtering, Ordering and Exporting the Audit Trail

By default the audit trail shows no events. You can choose an event in the drop down at the top of the form to show the events of that type.

You can reorder the events shown by Date/Time, Task type, and user. The up and down arrows indicate which column is currently being used to order the events, and whether the events are ordered first to last or last to first. Clicking in the heading will reverse the ordering.

You can export the events in a variety of formats using the Export Controls.

An example of the user audit page showing edit record events is below.


The user audit page