System administration

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This page covers system tasks which are not dealt with elsewhere in the Administration guide - removing locks, reindexing records and viewing licenses.

Removing Locks on Records

The locks page allows you to remove any open locks that are in the system.

A record is locked when it is being edited. When it is saved, or when a timeout occurs, it will become unlocked. When a record is locked then no other users are allowed to edit it. Sometimes it is desirable to force the unlocking of a record - say when a user has left a record in edit mode by mistake and gone away from their computer.

To remove locks simply check the checkboxes of the records you wish to unlock and then click "Remove" to remove them. You can also remove all locks by clicking the link in the text.

Note that removing a lock will cause the user who is having the lock removed to lose any open edits.

Removing locks

Removing locks

Reindexing Records

The reindexing page allows you to reindex records in the system.

When a record is saved or changed it is indexed. This allows the search system to work quickly and efficiently.

Using this page you can reindex all the records by selecting the checkbox shown below.

Reindexing all records

Reindexing all records

Sometime you only wish to reindex a portion of the tree. To do that click the link "Select a record by clicking here and then on a record in that popup that appears". When you then click reindex, all records underneath that record will be reindexed.

When you have selected your records click "Index" to perform the reindexing. This can take a significant amount of time to complete if a lot of records are to be reindexed. A success message is displayed at the top of the page on successful completion.


The licensing page allows you to view existing licenses.

License details

License details

The box at the top of the page shows the current license details including start date, expiry date and the number of users available.