Data and backup

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If you are running the Personal or Team Hosted services, you don't need to worry about backup - ResearchSpace does all that for you each day so that your data can always be restored. If you are running the Install version, you will need to backup your data.

eCAT stores all of its data in a database, so it is simple to backup using the standard tools for whatever database is in use. In addition to the database, the scheduled backup should also copy the contents of the eCAT installation directory to the backup location. This will preserve your search indexes and license information.

If you are using MySQL as the database, you should download the administrative GUI tools from here. Login to the administrative tools and then click the "Backup" option. Select the database called "catalyzer" and click the arrow pointing right - "Add selected database to backup list". Then click "Start Backup" and select a location to save the file.

To restore the backup you simply choose the "Restore" option and browse to the saved SQL file.

The backup process can be automated with standard MySQL scripting - more information on this can be found here.