Label Printer Setup

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Setup Requirements 

eCAT supports both Brady and Zebra label printers. When selecting  a printer to use with eCAT you should check that it can interpret the  ZPL programming language. If you are going to use a Brady Label printer then you must make sure that eCAT is installed on a Windows machine as it will need to use Brady's Windows driver.

Setup a Zebra printer on a Mac or Unix system

Zebra do not provide drivers for Mac or Unix systems but you can configure either of those systems to work with Zebra Printers by following these simple instructions.

  1. Enter the following address in a browser on the system you wish to install the printer http://localhost:631 .
  2. You should be presented with the cups interface.
  3. Select administration from the list of options.
  4. Select add printer from the Printers options.
  5. The next page will present you with a list of printers connected to your computer, select the name of your label printer and press the continue button.
  6. The next page will list the name and description of your printer feel free to change these details if you wish. Select continue.
  7. Under the Make drop down list select raw from the list of options, then select add printer.
  8. You should be returned to the administration page, if not select administration.
  9. Under the classes section select add class.
  10. Enter a suitable name and description and select your newly created printer from the list of members.